A place with wonderful Watches

Lofty’s is the fashion watch brand re-established in 2017  in Greece by people who share the passion for timeless design.

The collections are designed with regular outfit updates in mind,giving customers the chance to create their own watch collection.
Bursting full of personality,feminity and timeless charm,Lofty’s watches lovingly create each timepiece with meticulous attention to detail.
Blending vintage inspirations and fashion forward trends,each stylish watch showcases the brand’s signature style.

Lofty’s watches are manufactured with attention and care,with a strong focus on materials quality and style.
In our office we have our own atelier with designers and specialized watchmakers to assure the quality of each watch we produce.

It all comes down to one thing: we love what we do. Big or small, gold or silver. We love it all and our team is here to help you find the best watch for you.

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Be unique and elegant